Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Our Souls Will Never Part
Author Unknown

Lately I have been thinking of when we first met,
At once our hearts were joined, and they haven't parted yet.
Our souls ran free together, side by side,
From each other, there was nothing to fear or hide.

I didn't need to say a word, you understood my touch,
I responded to your language and loved you very much.
Now I lay here wondering if these feelings you recall,
Do you ache from all the sadness, or did you escape it all?

Tears fall so often now, only pain can I find,
After your sudden exit, I'm the one who's left behind.
I often look for you, and find an empty stall,
With tears I search my heart, and see you remain after all.

All the memories and joy engraved in my soul survive,
Even after your death takes its toll.
The wind through my hair reminds me of our rides,
Now the wind whispers to me, "You'll find her deep inside."

Although the pain lives on deep within my heart,
I know you live inside me and our souls will never part.

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