Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Our Moment, Again
Written & Contributed By
Missy Snyder

For my beloved Pepper.

As I open my eyes I don't recognize this place.
Looking around, up, down, turning around.
Yet it is everything I feel is good in my heart and beauty beyond compare.

The bridge was long and I feel alone and confused
for an instant as I try to breathe.
Nothing happens, just a feeling of pure light on my face.
Pure weightlessness.

I follow this path, even though they are all fresh and pretty and new.
I am coming to a call that insists.

The wind is swirling in circles and weeping willows
bend down to touch my skin.
Everything blows around me, the circles getting stronger.
The passion is too great and I can no longer stand.

I fall to my knees and everything stops.
That is, until I hear you.

Staring through branches with wide eyes I wonder...
why tears, why tears when I feel a peace such as this?

Something made me look up at blinding light and suddenly,
that moment happened to me.
My moment I needed for all that time.
All the sadness, all the grief from before, ended in that moment.

Through circles of wind and light and color, our moment is finally here.
This moment of meeting, the moment of recognition, it is frozen in time.
It feels like meeting pure love for the first time, again.

Through the wind that blows my tear-soaked hair across my face,
I watch with parted lips as you spread your huge worldly wings.
I whisper your name.

Out of the light you are there. Your hooves dance on air.
Your mane, your eyes, your withers so strong, that golden light...
how I had missed it for all those years.

I had filled canyons with tears when you left me, and now,
my love, you are here.

Through circles of wind and light you bend to me and it is real,
we are finally together.
All I can fathom is, "this just can't be".

I touch your gorgeous cheek; run my trembling fingers through your
exquisite silver and black velvet fur.
While you close your gentle eyes slowly, your eyelashes brushing mine.

Then they open to look at me, and with your heart you say,
"We have proven our love. This is our reward. This is our heaven.
You knew I'd be the first one there."

Through circles of wind and light you show me our path home.
Never looking back.
I wrap my fingers in your mane and we disappear into eternity.
Peace is ours again.

For I am now with my boy, the way it is meant to be.

Pepper's Memorial Tribute

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