Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Nickers Silenced In The Night
Written & Contributed By
Sara Rhudy

He graced my world the night he was born
And filled my soul to the brim with love,
He filled my heart with joy and everything good,
He was a gift that only comes from Above.

Weeks upon weeks each day and night I waited,
For Honey, this miracle to give,
I sat silently and watched her belly grow,
Giving a promise of love as long as I live.

Finally, early one morn' the moment arrived,
The beauty of God's creation for us to see,
In a few short minutes the miracle of birth,
Brought forth a Heaven sent miracle meant for me.

I named him Sundance for the sun soon was to rise,
In that early spring, cold March sunny morn',
The horses in the barn began to softly nicker,
For they knew a small miracle had been born.

His beauty and majesty stunned me as he grew
And I loved him to the depths of my soul,
For, he brought richness to my life every single day,
And to have him forever was my heart filled goal.

My hopes and dreams were not meant to be,
For God had another plan in mind,
Although painful to my deepest heart of hearts,
Through my journey in life, Sundance must stay behind.

Late one evening in November my life changed,
Pain struck deep to the core of my soul,
I still feel the pain of that moment in the dark,
When grief overcame my heart and took its toll.

This majestic creature that graced my existence
And filled my world full of love with his presence,
Who nickered softly in my ear and spoke with his eye,
Now lies still in a night filled with silence.

Eleven years have passed since those nickers were no more,
The big brown eyes no longer speak,
The majestic beauty beheld me each day,
Sadly, I find that I no longer seek.

There's a place in my heart, however Sundance still is,
And there he will forever be with me,
Although God took Sundance from me just for now,
He blessed my heart with his sweet memory.

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