Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Nickers Of My Heart
Written & Contributed By
Sara Rhudy

Hush! Listen! Can't you hear it?
It's music singing to my soul,
The gentle, soft, silent sounds of my horses,
Loving me, as the world takes it's toll.

I hear them softly nicker, I hear them whinny too,
I see them stand patiently and wait,
With loyalty, anticipation and unconditional love,
Thinking nothing of me being terribly late.

Each one I, oh so lovingly greet
And into their eyes I see,
The open windows into their equine souls,
Gazing back and deep inside me.

I can't even begin to express this love I feel,
It's deeper that the deepest part of my heart,
My horses fill my being with everything good
And my spirit would be crushed must we part.

They love me when I'm happy and truly when I'm sad,
They uplift me when rain pours on my world,
When the sun shines bright, they drink it in with me,
They stand beside me through every emotion I've unfurled.

I inhale their aroma with every breath I take,
I listen to their every soothing sound,
I hug and pet them, even kiss them on their nose
And I care not who happens to be around.

With my hair in a ponytail and a smile in my heart
I begin joyfully my beloved labor of love,
I get dusty, dirty and I smell like a horse,
While a Heaven filled with horses I dream of.

I muck their stalls and share with them an apple,
I brush them until they glisten and shine,
I climb on their backs and we gallop freely across the field,
While worries the wind carries away, especially mine.

A richness of love fills the hearts of these creatures,
Richness profoundly contagious to my soul,
For the love that they so willingly give to little me,
They give each other, like a mare to her foal.

This passion for horses I feel so deep within,
Comes only from God as a gift,
Like the rainbows He paints up in the sky,
My spirit His horses, without fail, uplift.

So, each day I thank Him for His trust in my care
And the love He knows that I'll give,
To every horse that shyly gallops into my life
And brings completeness to each day that I live.

"Written with a heart full of love for,
Lady, Honey, Brandi, Mysti and Sundance."

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