Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

My Old Friend
Written & Contributed By
Sarah Dyck

  I remember how it was to fly
Without ever leaving the ground
Up I scrabbled upon his back
And away we went
Hooves pounding the ground
But as time passed by
My ageless friend
His stride upon the earth slowed
It hurt to see my once proud friend
To see him age and grow old
Time had finally caught up
To our free and effortless flight
And he tried, oh he tried
To be brave with all his might
But my friend was ready to go
And I not ready to part
And though he hurt, he stayed
Unable to break my heart
His gentle eyes looked at me
His sad, knowing eyes
For he knew it was his time
To spread his wings and take to the skies
The decision I now faced
Concerning my one, true friend
was to let his suffering continue
or to give him a quiet, peaceful end
I remember his last minutes
Seemed like another lifetime to me
For as he stood there bravely
I fell down on my knees
In the end
I made the right decision
The harder of the two
And when I'm feeling lonely
I remember how he and I once flew
He left me with a love no other will replace
The love of an old friend
That will carry me through forever
That will embrace me until the end.

"In Memory of Doodle."

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