Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

My Horse's Tail
Written & Contributed By
Shari Starr

It's not all I have left, the tail of my horse.
It's not all I have left of my beloved horse.
It's not the last physical, tangible grasp,
of a dream that we rode through life way too fast.
It's what I can see, it's what I can smell.
You must look in my heart, the full story to tell.
The "tale" of my horse began long ago.
Spirit to spirit, destinations unfold.
Souls intertwined like DNA shared.
His mind and mine connected mid-air.
Our soul bond is strong, there's no time or space,
that can separate us from our one true place.
We've been soul mates forever, forever we'll be.
Whether me up to you or you back to me.
The tail that I hold is not the end of you,
but eternally connects the beginning of me.
It's God's perfect tapestry of love He has woven.
Together, forever, we always will be.

"Dedicated to my Snickers,
our dream to be continued..."

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