Hoofbeats In Heaven
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Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

My Girl, Get Up
Written & Contributed By
Shannah M. Helman

You came to me
When I was broken,
And looked at me
With eyes so loving
And softly I heard you say,
"Get up baby girl, get up.".

I did as you asked,
And every day I grew healthier
We spent so many nights together,
You showed me how to love again
And in return I showed you how to fly.
As we galloped past the green pastures,
I again heard you say,
"Get up baby girl, get up!"

And when that dark moment came
You stood there by my side,
I felt your tears as they slowly soaked my neck
I heard your heartfelt cries,
It sounded so bittersweet to me
When you said those words again
While you struggled to help me pull out of it,
I watched the tears roll down your face
And in my heart I too cried,
When you pleaded to me softly,
"Get up baby girl, get up"

I see you now,
Though I am gone
The pain you're living with hurts me,
I cannot bear to see you grieve so heavily for me
I feel you as you cry and sob, call out my name,
But understand that I am here,
I am with you
And I will help you move on
I will help you survive
And gently I'll whisper in your sweet ear,
"Get up my girl...get up."

By Miss Scarlett

Miss Scarlett's Memorial Tribute

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