Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Memories Of Les
Written & Contributed By
Deborah L. Paget

I remember still
How you captured my heart
That very first day
From the very start.

Without a soul to trust
Neglected and alone,
You entered my world
You now had a home.

You were always so willing
Eager to obey my command
Love and understanding
Was all you'd demand.

We made some good friends
Ol' "Charity" and "Chips"
We covered miles of trails
We made many trips.

You became my companion,
my confidant and friend
I shared with you my troubles
Which only you could mend.

The sound of your whinny
When I'd call out your name
Will echo in my mind
And always there remain.

Now twelve years have gone by
And our last trail we've ridden
But forever in my heart
Memories of you will be hidden.

And when my time comes
To follow where you've gone
If the One who gives us life
Offers me a home

I know you'll be there
With eyes bright and true
For it couldn't be Heaven
For me without you.

November 11, 1979

"In memory all these years later
of my best friend, Les."

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