Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Marlow's Farewell
Written & Contributed By
Bethanie Boggs & Kasi Lusk

A strong and noble friend you were, always there to lend an ear
When we rode upon your back we had nothing in the world to fear
You were one we told our secrets to, shoulders broad to bear our pain
You never judge or criticized, you led us through the rain.

You’re the best horse a girl could have, be she nine or ninety-nine,
You had the will to see us through, if it was hot, you didn’t mind
You taught us strength and confidence, a true friend through and through
You taught us perseverance, never giving up, solid and true.

When we found you standing there last night, sweating, cold and weak
We knew that you were not feeling well, too sick to stay on your feet
We promised you we’d stay and never leave your side
We laid a blanket on the ground and weathered out the night.

As we watched the falling stars fade above, your strength, it faded too
We kissed your neck and rubbed your back and whispered, “I love you.”
We watched in hope and fear and faith each time you tried to stand
We held our breath, we brushed your coat, we tried to understand.

When the time came you tried your last we didn’t want to go
But we knew if you could stay, you wouldn’t leave us so
We pray you found your way into Heaven’s pastures green
And that one day when Earth we leave, you’ll meet us in between.

And across the bridge into Heaven, a girl and her horse once more
We will ride, like we used to do across Heaven’s beautiful shore
Until that day don’t forget me my love, know my heart is true
And when I hear that nicker on the wind, I’ll know, my Marlow, it’s you.

In Memory of Marlow


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