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Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

I Miss You
Written & Contributed By
Laura Florey

I miss you, my Rose, my wild little mare.
I miss your soft nose and your sweet little air
I miss your bright spirit, I miss your brown eyes
I hope you are running Free in the skies

I miss you, my Rose, as I sit by your grave
I know you aren't there, you've gone on your way
I sit by you often, I tell you my thoughts
I whisper my secrets, I still feel so lost.

I miss you, my Rose, but I know this is true
I'll see you again when my day is through.
Be happy and free as you run fast and play.
I miss you, my friend, I wish you had stayed.


"This is for my beautiful little mustang mare
that passed away onNovember 14, 2014 -
just two short years after we found each other."

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