Hoofbeats In Heaven
In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Hoofbeats of Heaven
Written & Contributed By
Chelsea Tucker

My diamond, my princess, my one true love
my heart shatters with pain while you're now gone
I wish so much the pain would stop,
but my love for you hurts too much
you helped me up, you helped me fly
it was your time to go, you said goodbye
my heart broken, my heart always cries.
I love you too much for it to stop.
you're my princess. I love you too much.

I wish I could bring you home
so I could see you roam
to love you at home
where you belong
your hoof beats loud
so I can hear
you belong with me
where you can be free
you're gone forever
I can see you never
hearts still hurt
hearts still bleed
from the loss of you tears still weep

One day we shall meet again
never to be parted
just like how it started
my princess I miss you
but heaven was calling
my only friend
but now it's the end
an angel you are
forever to be
I still love you forever.

"Goodnight sweetheart, I love you so
don't forget me, I'll never forget you."

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