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Tribute To The Human/Equine Bond

Titles A - L
A Girl And Her Horse
Ali Mitchell
A Horse's Plea
Armin Wagner
A Horse's Prayer
Author Unknown
A Letter From Your Horse
Author Unknown
A Poem For Sunny
Jamie Cademartori
A Prayer To My Friend, My Horse
Violet Edwards Whitaker
A Time For Us To Part
Katie Benson
A Tribute To Addie
Diana Zettlemoyer
A Tribute To Darcy
Nikki Overton
A Tribute To Pone
Dr. A. B. Harding
All Weatherproof
Berry Tunderman
Cara Makort
Always There Are The Horses
M. Adelia Ellis Ramey
An Intrepid Friend
Nancy S. King
Pamela Bolding
Any Weather-We're Together
Becky Fragasse
Fritz Rauschenberg
Barbaro At The Rainbow Bridge
Stephi Luken
Beautiful Girl
Jess Schwarcz
Beautiful Rene Redford
Ashley Whitt
Beloved Teacher
Kimberley Beldam
Calling All Angels
Sue M. Copeland
Diamond In The Ruff
Shannah M. Helman
Do Not Stand At My Grave
Mary Frye
Don't Cry For The Horses
Brenda-Riley Seymore
Don't Mourn For Me
Author Unknown
Empty Days
Shirley Cruickshank
Judy Otteson
Farewell Prayer
Lisa M. Bakos
Jean-Jacques Goldman/Phil Galdston
For Bobby
Sharon Liles Barnes
For Miss Scarlett
Shannah M. Helman
For My Beautiful Looby Lou
Natalie Bingham
Forever and Ever
Heidi Niland-Rowe
Forever, I Promise
Sarah Dyck
Four-Legged Friend
Brenda Breton
Anellida Schoeman
Gallop On
Paige Cerulli
Galloping Free
Catherine Kijowski
Girl and Her Horse
Connor P. Lyons
God Jumps
Lauren Davis Baker
God's Garden
Author Unknown
Godspeed, God's Steed
Paige Cerulli
Good Bye My Friend
Gail Croft
John Quealy
Goodbye Riley
Trina Lusse
Guardian Angel
Vikki Hopper
Habits Of Happiness
Becky Fragasse
Harvey's Song
Laurie Mearns
Her Journey's Just Begun
Ellen Brenneman
Heart of a Horseman
Lacey Kueper
Sydney Hetterich
Heavenly Ride
Jaime L. Cowan
High Horse
Bruce Meyer
Home Safe
Shari Starr
Honoring Isis
Faith Kaltenbach
Hoof Prints On The Clouds
Aspen Black
Hoofbeats From Heaven
Sara Bercier
Hoofbeats of Heaven
Chelsea Tucker
Horse - Creature Of The Wind
Author Unknown
Horse of Love
Danielle Alms
Horses In Heaven
Author Unknown
Horses In Heaven
Shannah M. Helman
I Had This Dream
William N. Roemer
I Miss You
Baile Richards
I Miss You
Laura Florey
I See Only Your Heart
Nancy B. Marshall
I'm Missing You Tonight
Shannah M. Helman
I'm Still Here
Author Unknown
In Memory Of My Special Girl
Lauren Bergman
It's Hard
Chelse Chilson
It's Never Goodbye
Dani Cummings
Just A Horse
Author Unknown
Kate Cheek
Lament For Rene
Darbi Kenyon-Schneider
Last Gift
Autumn Mann
Letter From Your Horse In Heaven
Author Unknown
Love Of Horses
Author Unknown
Luckiest of Them All
Mia Gradick

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