Midnight Spirit of  '76

Family & Friends,

It's with a VERY heavy heart that I tell you of the passing of my beloved black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, Spirit, Sunday afternoon, June 8, 2008. We shared a beautiful 4-hour ride early Saturday morning - in the shade of the woods, with a gentle breeze - before it got so hot. Afterwards, he enjoyed his shower bath, cooled off, and relaxed in the shade of his stall with a fan blowing on him, and the barn radio going. I hugged him, told him I loved him, and gave him horse treats - like I've done after riding him for 19 years. He was 32 years old, and simply laid down and died of a heart attack, the 99 degree heat, and his age - no pain, no suffering, no struggle - just laid down by the barn at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, at the same time I was sitting on my sofa at home and felt "something" push me over to lay down for a 5-minute nap. We've always been in sync on many things, and I truly believe his Spirit passed over me as he lay down.

Two big blessings: Our great ride together Saturday and the fact that he went quickly Sunday with no pain. The ground on the farm is too rocky for digging and burying, so I had him cremated June 9th, and he came to rest in my apartment home in a special oak "box stall" on June 17th. Some of my horse friends have sent checks to pay the memorial costs so I won't have that financial worry. Spirit will be at home with me until I die, then buried with me later.

I truly cannot imagine life without my Spirit - thinking of the over 1,000 miles of trail riding, riding with friends or alone, herding cows, riding in parades, etc., etc., etc. for 19 years - every week. He helped me through Daddy's death, old boyfriends' situations, the cancer and other pains, my current neuropathy, etc., etc., etc. He was my definition for love and happiness.

I don't see how I can afford another horse. Horse feed and hay and the gas to get to the boarding stables is just too high now. And yet, I can't imagine my life without a horse in it. However, I know that I WILL ride again when the riding "itch" comes.

Please pray for me to get through these terrible times. I feel so lost and despairing. Spirit was a grandson of the famous Midnight Sun, who won The Celebration in 1945 and 1946 - perhaps the last remaining grandson of the Sun's bloodline.

June 8, 2008 was the WORST day in my life...Spirit was my "horse husband" and "son" all rolled into one. He was my reason for living and is named after the Holy Spirit. The love of my life forever...


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