'Little Mo'
You were my best friend and will never be forgotten.
The best pony a girl could ever wish for.


A Tribute To My Beautiful Mo...

I still remember that first day we saw you, Mo. We were only supposed to be finding somewhere that we could learn more about how to look after a pony. It was to be a mother and daughter thing. Somehow, on that day in 2001, I ended up, at the age of 40, buying a 14hh beautiful little bay mare with 3 white socks and a crooked blaze. My first ever pony.

Boy were you naughty! You napped, you took off on occasions and you kicked other horses. Not a pony for a novice, my friend said. It didn’t matter to us though, you were my childhood dream and Tasha’s dream come true...

We took you on hacks down the beautiful country lanes and rode you in the school. Your favourite thing was walking and trotting sideways like a crab in the school! We took you to shows, rode up the beach and groomed you for hours, you were such fun...

You had your fair share of troubles. Lots of vet visits for lots of problems but we nursed you through them all. When you started to look a little bit older and needed more care and less grass, you came home to live with me. We learnt some natural horsemanship and spent hours playing in the fields gently, riding with a rope halter and going for long walks in hand. You would share our barbecues and parties, graze in the garden and even came indoors one Christmas...

I began to think you would live forever and the fun would never end. Then that day, Saturday, 27th October, 2018, nearly 18 years after that first day I saw you, you suddenly and without warning became very poorly. The vet came quickly but you were in a lot of pain, treatment wasn’t working and I didn’t want that for you. You were over 34 years old and probably nearer 40.

When the time came to say goodbye, we sat down on the floor next to you. You laid with your head gently on my lap, breathing softly on my face whilst I stroked your beautiful face and told you how kind and loved you were and thanked you for the wonderful time you had given me.

I heard your breathing change, you were galloping over to The Rainbow Bridge, my beloved Mo. I wasn’t done loving and playing with you yet Mo, there was still so much fun I wanted to have with you...but I know I had to let you go. Gallop and run free, my darling mare and when I pass through the bridge, come to me with that soft nicker that I now miss so much and we will be together once again...

You changed my life, Mo, in ways that only you could. You were one in a million and I was blessed to own you, you taught me so much and it felt like you had given me the World. I will love you always...



Below is the link to the website I have spent the last months making in memory of Mojo. It tells our story together and my journey without her here.

Mojo's Website

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