American Quarter Horse

February 1992 - August 7, 2008

On August 7, 2008, I lost my best buddy ever, my dear quarter horse, Lucky. I really loved my boy. We shared such a deep and loving bond. He died of a severe colic and the pain and grief of his loss has been heavy and hard. I know it will get better with time, but I really can't believe he is gone. I thought I would have him until he turned 30. He was such a big strong boy, but he left me at 16 1/2.

Lucky taught me so much about horses. At first, he was a little naughty at times - always testing, but I finally earned his respect and became the kind alpha. Over the 6 1/2 years I had him, he became the most loving bugger ever and the sweetest mommie's boy. Everyone at my stable said we had an unbelievable bond and I do believe that was so. I spent many an hour with him, building and strengthening our relationship. I hardly ever missed a day being with him at the stable. I happily let him consume as much of my free time as possible. My days revolved around him. He was my daily lunch partner, my evening friend through the week, and he was my "spend the weekend with" buddy. We spent so much time together, I know that's why we were so bonded. No matter if he was in his stall, a turn-out or a paddock, as soon as I drove up, he would run to greet me and whinnie. If he was in his stall and I walked away to another part of the grounds, you could hear him calling me. And if we were just hanging out, Lucky only wanted to be close to me and would walk right by my side wherever I'd go without any halter or lead. As we walked, if he fell a little behind me, I loved it when he would run to catch up with me.

Lucky loved me loving him. He eagerly played clicker games for those carrot rewards and he loved being groomed. I knew all the right spots - under the tummy, under the front legs and up by the withers. He'd show me where he wanted to be scratched and I would follow his lead, scratching wherever he pointed his head. We even had mutual grooming sessions - while I groomed him, he'd groom me. He'd yawn and I'd pull on and wiggle his tongue. Then he'd stick it right back out at me to do it again. I always loved whispering in his ear and watching his eyes melt and soften as I spoke softly to him. And of course, I loved giving him kisses!

When I got to the barn early that morning after receiving the emergency call - "Hurry, it's bad.", they were walking him in the arena trying not to let him go down. In all that pain, when he saw me, he still lifted his head high looking towards me and whinnied out, "I'm over here dear friend, please hurry to me." I whispered in his ears as we walked, "Hang in there buddy, it's gonna be alright. We'll get through it. Mom loves you." But little did I know, we would have our last walk together in those long minutes waiting for the vet.

We rushed Lucky to the hospital where they immediately put him on the table and tried to save his life, but too much of his small intestine had been strangulated and prognosis was poor. So I cried out my painful goodbyes to my dear boy and told him he would always be the only one. My best buddy in the whole world was gone. Lucky was my very first horse and probably the only one I will ever have. A beautiful, big 17hh quarter horse who, when he loved and trusted you, had a heart as big as his build.

Lucky is really the lucky one now as he's finally free from stables and paddocks, and is now running through those never-ending pastures in heaven. No doubt he's having a wonderful time and I know waiting happily with the herd until we can be together again. At the end, I hope he knows I did the best I could.

The brightest spot of my day has truly faded into heaven. Good-bye big boy, I will deeply love you always, I will miss you every single day and when it's my time, I will be looking for you with great anticipation at the side of the rainbow bridge.

Hear me whisper in your ear once more, "You're my best boy ever". Until we see each other again...


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