Eterna V



26 Years Old
Passed September 22, 2008

Eterna V, my sweet ET, you came into my life some 14 years ago. A beautiful chestnut Arabian mare. From the minute I first saw you I knew that you would be mine. From the minute I laid a leg over you I knew we would be"One". Trying to buy you almost went bad. With Dad's quick thinking he said what we needed to do to get the deal done. My dreams came true and you were mine.

You went though a lot of pain and abuse in your life, from your bleeding frogs to the fact that you were never allowed to be a horse. You began to trust again. You gave 100% of yourself once you found your TRUST again. You taught me so very much, not only as a rider, but as a owner and friend. You taught me patience and you taught me UNCONDITIONAL love.

You made all of my DREAMS come true and in your own way, ET, you were my National Champion. No other horse has ever come close to having the BOND that we shared. I miss you so very much. It's so hard to go out to the barn and you're not there. You were and will always be my "Once in a Lifetime" horse. No other will fill my heart like you did and no other ever will. You taught so many the true love of a horse. You carried children to timid adults. You took the time to allow others to learn by your expertise. You taught them confidence that they were lacking. Thank you for that, my Dear Friend.

I hope you enjoyed your life here with me as much as I enjoyed having you in my life. I know you were happy and when we retired you, I made you a promise which I kept, to never have another saddle on your back again. You seemed so happy to just be a horse and enjoy your pasture life. I know at times you weren't happy that I gave you another brat to babysit, but ET, you were so smart and wise with those kids. You taught them almost the same things that you taught me. Love and patience, caring and most of all, trust.

I thought that we still had time left, ET, I thought that you would still be in my life for more years to come. We both know that wasn't the case the day we found you covered in sweat and sand from rolling so bad. We both knew the end was near. We tried so hard to save you, ET, but it was time for you to go. I had to tell them to put you out of pain and even though I acted strong, my dear sweet mare, I acted strong for you. I owed you that.

I am having such a hard time knowing that I will never hear your whinny nor will I ever be able to stroke your face again. My heart is forever broken, ET, without you in my life.

I pray that you will stay around me to help guide me through all of this. I pray that you will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge - Happy, Healthy, and Sound so that I may once again climb on your back and feel the connection that we had.

Do not worry, my sweet, as I will never forget you. You are with me wherever I look. I have your ashes on your trophy case above your painting.

I think Moondoggie and Neener miss you the most as you were special to both of them. Neener is always calling and I think he is calling for you. If you get the chance, answer him to let him know that you are still around.

My life, I know, will go on but it will never be the same.  ET, you and I were "ONE" and I feel like half of me is now missing.

Watch over us and keep us close to you. Show me that you never really left us, ET. Watch over the others as I know they feel empty without you.

Rest well, my SWEET mare, and know that I will always love you.


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