Diablo's Dunn Deal 

"Mr. D" to us.

Diablo was a Gentleman among Gentlemen. He was 24 when we bought him for our son, Dylan. At least that was his estimated age. We didn't care, he was full of spunk and he was a beautiful Quarter Horse. He was classified as a Dunn Buckskin because of his black dorsal stripe. We just saw him as handsome.

He and Dylan became best friends immediately. My son's Godfather was his trainer and taught him all he needed to know. I, his mom, taught him how to love. Between the 2 of us, we taught a winning team. Dylan and D joined the 4H and showed two years. Their second show, they were the highest winning duo and took home the Grand Championship. For the remainder of their show career, they were there just to have fun and meet the ladies!! Needless to say they had a great time.

Diablo was the most gentle of all horses. He kept Dylan safe and I never had to worry when they went trail riding without me. In D's last 3 years, he and Dylan were volunteers for the Sheriff's Mounted Unit. They made me proud.

Now at 34 years of age, Diablo was slowing down. He was blind in one eye and Dylan decided to retire D to live out his life as Quncy's pasture mate and an occasional trail ride. Dylan would come home from school and jump on D bareback, with no halter and ride him around the pasture. They would spend lots of time just hanging out in the pasture together. Dylan was soon realizing that D was ageing quickly. Dylan knew D so well that he could see that he was hanging on for Dylan. I swear that Dylan had that long and painful talk with Diablo, letting him know he could let go and that Dylan would be ok. He would miss him but he would be ok. I think I had that same talk with D several times in the last couple of months of his life. We both knew that D understood us.

Diablo and Dylan were best buddies and taught each other all about love and responsibility. Dylan took complete care of Diablo and knew every inch of him. The first time I found D lying in the field, I was sure he had died..Dylan ran out to him and he lifted his head and nudged him. I quickly called the vet but soon enough D was up standing next to Dylan at the gate. The vet said she would stop by and Dylan left for school. Fortunately, D was waiting for Dylan at the gate at 3:30 p.m. like he always did. The vet said that D was aging and he was probably laying down and his arthritis was probably bothering him. She told us to keep an eye on him and if he has any more episodes to call. Dylan felt that Diablo was giving us time to get used to the idea that he would be leaving us soon. He and Diablo spent a lot of time together from that day on.

Diablo had 2 more episodes and the last time he really didn't want to get up. Dylan called the vet and asked her to come out and then made me promise not to let him suffer or linger. By the time Dylan left for school, Diablo was up and at the gate watching and whinnying to Dylan. Something he never did before. I stood by the gate and talked to D and I saw in his eyes he was ready to go. I never knew what people meant when they said, "He will let you know" you will understand, but now I did. He was telling me that he was ready and he was asking me if I was ready to let him go. He knew Dylan was ready to let go and he said his goodbye, but he was still hanging on for me. I assured him I was ok. I told him how much I loved him but I didn't want him to suffer. I told him I would let go.

The vet came and checked Diablo out and told me that he had a growth in his stomach that was putting pressure on his intestines and he was not able to absorb his food. That was why he was loosing weight so quickly. Surgery was an option but not for him. He was 34 years old and I just could not let him suffer having his stomach opened up. Besides, Dylan made me promise, no heroics. I looked into his eyes, and I knew what I had to do. I think Dylan knew too, but he couldn't be there. I wished I had a magic wand to make him all better, so my son would not have to lose his best friend, but I did not have that power. The power I did have was to let Diablo go peacefully, without pain and with dignity. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. We spent some beautiful time together and then my son's Godfather came and helped me say good bye.

Diablo left us peacefully and happily but left several broken hearts behind. Dylan called me the moment Diablo closed his eyes and told me he felt Diablo saying goodbye to him. I put the phone to D's ear and Dylan said goodbye and that he loved him. Diablo then took his last breath and I swear he was the only one smiling!

Diablo, you are missed so much but we know you are happy and running free with no pain. Listen for us and meet us when we cross over.

Our love to you,
Mom and Dylan

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