Brandenburg Captain 

8 January 1995 – 23 March 2010

Captain…My Captain…

How could I have known that the day you came into my life would be the start of a magical partnership that would mold my life, and the fulfillment I got out of it would stay with me forever?

You taught me so much, you truly are the Captain of my life…even still, the lessons you taught me are my guides.

I remember your kind eye, always full of mischief; your always willing nature; the spunky spring in your step; your beautiful chestnut coat that turned to pure copper metal in winter; your strong muscle-toned body; your bambi spots; every marking on your noble head. I remember everything about you, like you are still here and cherish every bit.

We had so many wonderful times together! More memories come back every day and I do admit to having a good giggle at some of the things we used to get up to, giving Judy heart failure with your exuberant antics while putting your Kur together. My precious dressage horse, all smart and neat, going through the country showing just how much expression your paces had, showing all the show jumpers a few things - galloping flat out with such joy and straight into and across the river without a hesitation – my reliable, honest Captain. Spooking Lindenaria hacking out and being quite pleased with yourself when she galloped off and you could join in. Just dust and hooves as you left everyone way behind at Country Base, causing much chaos behind you.

As a competition horse you always rose to the occasion, puffing yourself up as you went into the dressage arena, what a SUPERSTAR, all the way to Advanced – I am sure you thrived on people watching you perform, and you did it so well. My two chestnut angels winning the Pas de Deux! What a stunning pair you were, Cuzzi missed you terribly, the 3 of us were a team for a long time, we will continue in your memory.

But my best times with you were the evenings you’d let me lie with you in your stable, I could feel your breath, it smelled so sweet and gave me such comfort. Those were our special moments. Our time!

The day you were taken from me, we stood by you as the vets prepared you for surgery. I watched this big beautiful horse, in the prime of his life and believed so strongly you would pull through. We waited outside the surgery while they operated, saw you come out into the recovery room looking so peaceful. I know you tried to get up but it wasn’t meant to be!

The angels came to fetch you, your golden heart had stopped beating, they had taken a very special angel home.

You took a piece of my heart with you when you died, please keep it safe. The memories I treasure and the love you gave me have grown my heart even more. Remembering you is easy, you had an enormous impact on my life. The heartache will always be there.

I have no regrets except that you are not still with us. My one wish is that I enriched your life as much as you did mine.

Captain, you will always be with me, my love for you always, I know you look down on me sweet angel…until we meet again…

Our hoofbeats were many but our hearts will always beat as one. Thank you my friend, my soulmate, my ULTIMATE.


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