Bumble Bee  

9.2 hh Timor pony
Died 19 August 2011
Owner: Angela Wells



My beautiful, brave, little man, I remember the first time I set eyes on you.  I was riding past your home and you came galloping over, you scared my horse silly and I nearly fell off.  You were so cute, barely able to see over the fence.  I watched you go from a bright spunky pony to a depressed, lonely soul.  Your owners knew nothing of small ponies and you had severe laminitis.  I decided to go and see them.  I could not watch you suffer another day.  They gave you to me on the spot.  With the help of my friends we got you back to normal.  We took you swimming to start with, walked in the soft sand and managed your eating.

When the time came we put you in harness and began driving you.  At 9.2 hh you were too small for me to ride.  You didn’t like children and would buck them off, so we never made you give pony rides. We went to a local AMP show and you came second in the Novice pony and got first in the fancy dress.  I was so proud, it was your first outing.  At first you had fun but eventually you became bored and began rearing and being naughty. We decided that shows were not really your cup of tea.  I bought a racing sulky and had it cut down to fit.  We would go to the beach and you would gallop alongside KT.  The big successful racehorse and the cheeky little pony.  Boy did the two of you racing along turn some heads. He was your playmate in the paddock and he loved you to bits.  When he died I missed watching the two of you play.

When Snooze arrived you took to him straight away, in fact you kicked him square in the chest just for fun.  I love the video I have of you playing together.  We built you a pen with a soft surface and got you your own shed.  We managed your condition for nearly 7 years.  You hated your grazing muzzle so we tried not to use it.  This winter something changed and you became sore.  I thought it was arthritis because the time for laminitis was all wrong.  I called the vet and he diagnosed cushings and laminitis.  We fought hard to get on top of it.  We kept you off the grass totally, gave you medication for the pain.  None of it worked.  We tried corrective trimming and eventually corrective shoeing with no clear benefits.  I tried everything.  We decided that this time we needed xrays.  I still had hope but I knew that you were in pain. 

The day of the xrays was devastating.  They showed that the rotation of the peddle bones was too severe and there was sinking and rotation of the other foot bones.  Cutting tendons would be necessary if we were to attempt to try any more.  The vet advised me that you would not be likely to be pain free ever again, you would not likely respond to corrective shoeing and if you did it would only be a matter of time before it happened again.  He said we should let you go.  I cried so much that day.

I took you home and I let you eat grass, roll in the mud and enjoy yourself.  We went to the beach and you rolled in the sand.  I brushed you and told you how sorry I was and how much I loved you.  I cried when I was alone so you would not get upset.  I knew you were hurting still.  Three days later the digger came and dug your grave.  I brushed you and cried into your bushy mane, you were more interested in eating.  I did get a Bee kiss though which I will cherish forever.  You walked away to eat so I let you go.  I buried you next to Sucky the steer and opposite your friend KT.

You were the best little pony anyone could ever want.  You taught me how to have fun and how to laugh.  You were cheeky and so full of life.  My heart aches for you.  My little man.  We all miss you and there is a huge hole in our lives.  I miss you more than words can say.  I’m sorry you were made to suffer.  I tried to take away the pain.  Now the suffering is over for you.

Love forever,

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