Quarter Horse
23 years old
Born May 1988 - Passed away 16 January 2011

Buddy, you were more than just a horse to me. You were my friend and more.  You were so laid back that everyone that ever met you fell in love with you.  You were the kind of horse everyone wishes they had.  You could go anywhere; in a parade, in a show arena and on a trail ride and anyone could ride you, kids and adults alike. To my granddaughter, Skylar, you were her favorite horse.  

Together we fought a long hard battle, I really tried Buddy. I did not want you to go, but in the end I knew you were tired of fighting that battle and it was time to let go of you.  We had our last ride months ago and now it was our time
to take the last walk.  I knew by the way you were walking behind me you were in pain, so I knew it was time.

I feel like there is something missing in the pasture as well as my heart.  I will always remember you; the good times and the bad times and when I think of the good times I will smile and just say THAT'S MY BOY.

The girls (Bailey, Brandee, and Lilbit) are trying to fill the void I  have.  And they are missing you too. I can tell by the way they act and what they do.  Lilbit is always looking for you even though for the short time she knew you she knows you are gone.  The girls know you were their leader.  My friends at work that knew you would always ask how you were.  I will miss grooming you, rubbing your ears and scratching your neck the way you always liked so much.  Buddy, to me you were a member of the family and my best friend who I will miss forever.  I will see you again at the bridge one day and we can go for another ride together.  Buddy, I miss and love you.

Buddy fought a long battle of colic (impaction).  It started back in May 2010. He had a severe case, but we got through it and things were fine for awhile.  We had our last ride in June.  It was great. I had not ridden him in 3 years and that ride was just like I had ridden him every day, I was so proud of him.  Then in July the colic would return once again. We would beat it and go on for a time once again, but over the next few months it kept coming back.

Finally in December 2010 it came back again and this time it was unbeatable and we lost the battle in January 2011.  Buddy always wanted out with the girls and sometimes I thought we had it beat and I would let him out.  But in the end I would have to go get him and put him back in the small pasture by the house so I could keep an eye on him.  Sometimes I think he was trying to tell me then it was time to go.  But I kept hoping  I could get him by the colic and keep him for a while longer.

With the last colic that lasted about four weeks, he was never in any pain, but uncomfortable. The vet had told me after the second week  that he would have to be put down, and that there had to be something else going on and that he may have had cancer.  But I told her I would give it a few more days and keep trying.  And the few extra days seemed to be working, so that led to a few more days. He was talking to me when I went to feed up which he had not been doing when he was feeling bad so I would always say and was thankful that he was feeling better.

But the last night, 15 January 2011, I knew it would not be much longer and I would have to let go of him.  The next morning, the 16th, I looked out the kitchen window and knew then this was his final day and that he was in pain.

I miss you Buddy.

Your Friend,

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