Born June 1990 - Died May 10, 2005

We adopted Brandy from the Federal Bureau of Land Management when she was about eight months old. She was a "Wild Mustang". She was only a baby. It was February 1991. She still had her winter coat and was a fuzzy little thing. She was so frightened. We also adopted two burros at the same time and as soon as we were able to, we put her in with them and she was fine after that. We had to keep them in a pen the first few weeks until they got used to their new home.

Brandy was such a joy. The first few years she was inquisitive and always wanted to know what we were doing when we were mending fences or working on something out in the pasture. She had to be right in the middle of the way.

She grew into a beautiful Chestnut creature and in time was easy to handle by me, the farrier and the vet. She would always whinny when I would come out the door, hoping I had a treat for her. At mealtime, she would come running from the other end of the pasture with our youngest burro braying at the top of his voice running after her in hot pursuit.

In 1996, when Brandy was six, she had her first bout of laminitis in the spring and then again in the fall. Fortunately neither case was severe. Then in 2000 she developed a serious eye infection, and after treating her for about six months with many injections and fluid drainings, she lost most of her vision in her left eye. That same year she developed laminitis again and this time it was much more severe. We had to put corrective pads on her for a while and were able to eventually get her sound again. She was always such a good patient.

Approximately June of 2004, she developed a severe case of COPD/Heaves and was treated aggressively for that. She would seem to get better and then it would flair up again and we would start the treatments all over again. This went on for about eleven months. At first I would give her shots to help her breathe and she was so good. She would stand there patiently while I did it as she knew she was going to be fed right afterwards. She trusted me completely and sometimes I feel like I let her down. .She was struggling to breathe again as the summer heat started and died suddenly on May 10, 2005. She was only 15 years old.

There will never be another horse like Brandy. She was my baby and I loved her so much and I know she loved me. I miss her so much.

Bev Frisbie

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