April 7, 2002 - January 30, 2012


To My Beloved Bossanova,

November 13, 2006 was the day you came into my life. The day a dream was realized. A little girl’s dream to have her own horse. When you came home to me, you were 4 years young, full of hilarious antics, and love for me. You didn't know anything about riding other than what the trainers taught you at the track.

You were one of the many unwanted ex-racers the industry throws in the trash. The people who saved you couldn't give you away. I, however, was looking for a big, bold, young personality plus pony to call my own. After our very first meeting, the people who were caring for you could see the light you had in your eyes just for me. That was the beginning of a grand love affair.

Although you knew next to nothing, you did your best to keep us both safe. Even with your lack of knowledge, you knew that we were not ready to hit the fast strides. You did your best to let me know this. I am so very thankful for the steady head you provided to keep us both safe.  You never spooked, never bucked and never reared on one ride we had, no matter what situation arose.  It didn't matter if it was a big black bear we had to cross paths with, it didn't matter if we were walking down a busy road with trucks flying by at 50 MPH and it didn't matter if there were other unruly horses acting up around you. You kept us safe.

We were the ultimate match. You never appreciated others getting in the way of our time together and you had a knack for letting any visitor know of your displeasure. You wouldn't tolerate anyone else on your back. That was reserved just for me.  I cherish that part of who you were.

There are so many memories that we shared. Team penning, gymkhanas, trail rides or just hacking around. I will never forget the first time we penned together. I will never forget during our first run how I lost my balance and started to come off. You slowed your speed and came back underneath me so that I could regain my balance, and then we were off of the chase again. The people in the audience were just waiting for the explosion of “the crazy chestnut Thoroughbred”.  It never came.  They ended up cheering our names.

I think my favorite memory with you will always be our gallops through the green rolling hills of Western New Jersey.  In those moments, it was all about us. There was nothing but the fresh air, the soft grass and the wind blowing through our hair as you hit those high gears that only a racer can behold. That was my heaven on earth. Sitting up on top of Knowledge Hill watching the sun set was one of the most peaceful moments of my life.

You and I were together for 6 wonderful years. They were the best years of my life. Because of you, I gained friends and confidence in who I was as a horsewoman.

Then the day came. The day I would have to let you go. There was no warning, you were still full of life. I have never been able to learn of what happened to you, my love. All I know is that I could not save you. You suffered a shattered leg and a severed artery. You were so thankful that I was with you during your last moments.

Those that were there to support us begged me not to stay for your final moment. But, like you were there for me, I just HAD to be there for you. We were a team, right? You never leave your wing-man.

It has now been a year, my love. I miss you so much my heart still aches every single day. The void you left is something I feel will never again be filled. The trust we had is something I feel I will never again find.

I hope you always know, Nova, how much I love you. I hope you know that not a day passes that I don’t think of you. You were my angel with the devil’s horns. You were my best friend, my lover, my soul-mate, my son.

Until we meet again, my sweet Nova, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
All my love,

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