Born 1986 - Passed January 28, 2007

In 2001, I decided I was going to take a huge step and finally live out a childhood dream of owning a horse. I had not even been on a horse in years, so I did not even know what I wanted. When I called on the ad for a 15 year-old gelding, I had such wonderful dreams of what he would look like. When I saw him the first time, he was covered in mud, skinny and scarred, not my picture of my future horse. My husband forced my hand and made me buy him, telling me that he was the horse for me. Little did I know, my husband was right.

When I got him to his first stable, I realized he still was no beauty but soon found out his beauty came from the inside. Bonz was amazing! He taught me how to ride, how to care for horses, how to go up and down hills, run...okay I never ran, but canter events in playdays.

We had an understanding. He would take care of me and I would make sure his old wounds would heal and he would never miss another meal. When times got bad, he was always there for me. He kept my sanity through teenage kids and my husband and son serving in Iraq...just once around the pasture.

I made him a promise I could keep when I told him I was going to buy him his own pasture where no horse would ever be mean to him again. After all, he was really a big chicken and was scared of mean horses. We bought a little run-down place and started working on it to make it a place for our horses. I think he knew that because he acted like this place was his and seemed to relax the day he moved in.

He showed his heart even more when horse fever hit and we bought a sweet little mare and then a colt and filly. He fell in love with that mare and took care of the babies. When our mare had her babies, he acted as though he was the proud and loving father. He protected them all and would stand guard as they slept, even though I could tell his older bones were tired.  He was our "babysitter" to horses and humans alike. Anybody could ride him and he always made them look good.

Sadly, Mister Bonz decided that he had greener pastures that were calling him and there was one baby that did not spend much time on this earth that needed him more than we did. He passed with our help and until the moment he laid down for the last time, still stood proud and beautiful. Yes, I can honestly say that I had never seen him as beautiful as I had this winter.  I think he was the happiest that I have ever seen him while he was in "his" pasture with "his" herd. He leaves behind his pasture mate and best friend, Leeper, three almost grown kids, Harley, Ranger and Lil and "his" son, Gus.

Take care of sweet penny, Mister Bonz, and know that you touched this old woman's heart more than you know...just once around the pasture.

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