Bobby died on the 6th of July 2003.

Bobby was my first horse after my first pony. The day I first saw Bobby, it was love at first sight. He looked like Black Beauty.

He was of mixed breed and 16hh. I had come from a pony that refused to move and was often lazy. Bobby was very forward, shied and dropped his shoulder and couldn't be stopped if galloped. At 15 years old, I was happy with that. He was only 8 and very strong. He threw me on the ground more times than I can remember, but there was never any malice in it.

Bobby and I grew up together, we went everywhere a horse could go. I didn't have a float, so I rode everywhere. He loved to knock me flat by bunting me from behind and was often hard to catch. His favorite way of jumping was a stag leap, after parting company from his rider. He always put new people off the first time they rode him.

Bobby and I had 19 years together, and I loved him no matter what he did. He never kicked or bit and was always soft when I needed a shoulder to cry on. He listened to all my teenage woes with great patience

I had to stop riding Bobby about a year before he died because, if he tripped, he would fall over. Old age finally put an end to our trips on the farm together.

I remember the way he used to prance and dance around. He did a great canter on the spot that was so good for showing off to all your friends. Bobby's paddock antics used to stop traffic, he would tear up and down bucking and rearing like a lunatic.

The day I said my last goodbye was a really cold and rainy winter's day. Bobby was grazing at a friends as company for his horse. I got a phone call to say he wasn't looking too good. I went to the paddock to find him shivering, sweating and rolling. I called several vets and it took over an hour to get one. I sat on a bucket and he put his chin on my legs and stood having waves of shivers. The vet arrived and said it did not look good, but we could try some drugs. He had five injections and the vet said that if he deteriorated after the pain killers wore off, then we would have to look at putting him to sleep. After 2 hours of no change, I told Bobby he could lie down if he wanted, he had been standing for me and I knew it. He lay down and I called the vet back. He was on his feet again when the vet arrived, so my husband held him. I could not bear to see him die. It turned out to be twist colic caused by a fatty lump that blocked his intestine.

We bought Bobby home and buried him. Now he has KT for company. I hope the two of them are happy and painfree now. I love you, Bobby, and I always will.

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