Registered Welsh Mountain Pony
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Born on 5th May 2005 - Passed on 5th March 2006

Just 10 months old

On the 17th December 2005, our family would travel for 3 and a half hours to the nearest horse equipment auction. You see, we drive our horses and were looking to buy some more equipment.  My daughter Meggie of course would have to come with us, as the saying goes, wild horses would not have kept her away. During the morning, Meggie kept disappearing off with her uncle and aunt and where did we find her? Attached to a pen where Billy stood. He looked terrified, all the people hustling and bustling passed, trying to reach into his pen to give him a pat.

I was stopped in my tracks as I approached Meggie who was standing at the back of Billy's pen. He never took his eyes off our Meggie, he followed her everywhere. We had not come to auction to buy a horse, Meggie was told. That did not deter her, she knew somehow it was fate that Billy had to and would be coming home with us. That he did, although physically small, what a huge character and personality he had, always nudging you ever so gentle, of course. The fun and frustration we had in those first few hours and days trying to get a coat that would actually fit you.

The instant bond between Meggie and Billy was unbelievable. EVERYONE that met him just could not believe his nature and oh-so-apparent love for Meggie. He followed her everywhere and I mean everywhere, even the little girls' room if he could.

Meggie had so many plans for him. She was going to gentle him to drive a small cart, she had planned so much for the both of them. She was going to take part in our driving clubs events, to ride him over the golden sands on the beach with the wind running through Billy's and Meggie's hair. She told him her deepest secrets and her greatest of wishes, all her hopes and dreams. Everything revolved around Meggie's lad.

How cruel that he was snatched away so suddenly, so unfair, his whole life in front of him to run freely among the meadows, to run on the beach, Meggie's favourite place. Only God above knows why he needed to take Billy back into his own herd so soon.

Billy, whilst you were only with us 11 weeks, you have left the biggest hole in all our hearts. Somehow, someday, we will meet again. Until that golden day, run free, our sweet boy, through the meadows, over the sands, we will be by your side every step of the way. Don't worry, we will look after Meggie for you. I've just got one last request. Can you just ask your lord and master to send us the strength to live this life without you, especially for Meggie.

Meggie's lad, forever in our hearts. You are our first thought in the morning and last one at night. Sleep tight, wee fellow.

Anne & Meggie

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