Hell Bent


2 years old
Date of Death: September 20, 2007

When Bee came to us about a year ago, she was extremely wild. She didn't like anyone, but slowly over the year, she came to let me handle her even though I was not her momma, that was Paula.

She then caught her leg in the fence and broke it in three places. The vets said there was nothing they could do, she would die in 48 hours. But this horse proved them all wrong. Every time the vet came out, she would get up, walk around, and he would tell me she's still alive and healing. I wouldn't have believed it. We had our ups and downs, but she was getting better.

This horse had more heart and soul than any I've ever known or ever will know. Having to put her down just about killed me, but it was the right decision. Bee, if you are in heaven looking down upon us, we miss you so badly we can hardly stand it. Know you are loved and always will be loved. You will never be forgotten, you are forever in our hearts.

Rosanne and Paula

Love, what does it really mean? Some Love is shallow and some very deep. Everyone can love, its natural.

I've known Love, I do Love, I know very deep Love. But I've recently been taught a new Love, a Love that is beyond any I've ever known. It came not from me, it came not from my family, it came not from my husband. It came from a Horse, a single horse. Who showed me what Love is all about. Even in her sickest days, she still taught me things I never knew before. She taught me to never take anything for granted.

God gave her to me and he also took her away from me. She taught me a new level of pain. She taught me to truly Love, for she truly Loved me. She taught me that life is not fair, not fair at all, but to love and appreciate everything I have while I have it, because one day it will be gone.

This amazing creature was not of super ability or body. She was merely a Horse, a Horse that knew what Love really is, she fought day after day to live for me. Fighting relentless pains for me, she had a heart bigger than would ever fit in her small body. She showed it to me, she showed me how much love was in her heart. She fought to live to live for me. Till one day I realized the love she was teaching me, then her job was done.

She left me, left me all alone. But I know she's well now, walking not alone, but with many friends among endless fields filled with grass. She is safe now, no harm will ever befall her where she now lies. I love her so and miss her much, but she's now gone, but gone is never forever. One day I will see her again and she will re-teach all I've since learned. I love you Bee.

Paula Rogers

In Loving Memory of Hell Bent, aka, Bee.

September 21, 2007

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