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The love of horses knows not its own depth til the hour of separation.

Author Unknown


Our Support Group

Hoofbeats in Heaven has its own e-mail support group created to provide the solace and comfort you are seeking.  Here you will find you are not alone in your grief over the death of your horse.

As a group of over 550 horse lovers who have lost, or are anticipating losing, our cherished family member, we understand and respect the deep bond that you form with your equine companion. We know, perhaps better then anyone, the pain and emotional void left from their physical absence. Our goal is to help each other work through our grief and to find peace in coming to know that our horses live on if we carry them in our hearts.  

We have created various resources to help you begin to see through your grief that you can come to focus less on the death of your horse and begin to focus on the glory of his/her life. All group members are invited to start a Photo Album of their beloved horse and to include them in our Honor Roll. Once a week we honor one of our member's horses who has gone on ahead by posting his/her photo. And you can request that list members light a candle for you and your horse on a day of particular hardship for you; the anniversary of your horse's death, for example.

We welcome your memories and stories of your horse, memorial tributes, grief healing information, questions, and your own experience of losing your horse. The topics we discuss are endless, as we continually strive to listen, respond and support.

Join the Hoofbeats in Heaven Horse Loss Support Group

For anyone who is not familiar with an e-mail group, here is a brief description: When you subscribe, you receive the messages written by members of that group. When you choose to reply to messages, or want to start a new topic, your e-mail is in turn received by the other group members. What results is a wonderful circle of communication and support. In the case of Hoofbeats in Heaven's support group, members are able to communicate with others who understand what it is to love and lose their cherished horse. Only group members can receive mail or read messages at the group site.

To get started, click on the group link above.  If you aren't yet a registered user of Yahoo's e-mail groups, you will be directed to first fill out their simple form. You can then sign up to be approved to join us. Since Hoofbeats In Heaven is a very specialized group, we have criteria by which we determine who best will benefit from our group. We therefore do not automatically approve everyone.  However, our website is always here to provide public support.

Please Note:

1. We are not professional grief counselors. The purpose of this group is to share our first-hand experiences of grief and recovery from the loss of our own horses. If you are experiencing deep depression and/or prolonged grief, we strongly advise you to seek professional support.

2. We always strive to keep our list a safe place where you can trust that the personal and sensitive subject matter of our list is respected.  To that end, only join us if you are dealing with the death of your horse, or his/her imminent loss. Anyone whose motives appear suspicious
and/or any member who disrespects another's grief will immediately be unsubscribed so that the integrity of our group always remains intact.


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