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Candle Lighting For Your Heavenly Horse

Please Read Before Requesting A Candle Lighting

1. Fill in the information in the "Please Light A Candle For My Horse" box below and then click on "Submit" (click on Submit only once as each additional click will duplicate your request). Check that your information is correct and then click on "Continue". Scroll down the page and click on the "Return to Website" button. You will be returned to the Candle Lighting home page.

2. All three pieces of information - your horse's name, your first name, and your email address - must be provided or your request will not be processed. Your email address is not shared with anyone, it is necessary only if I need to contact you.

3. Only the horse's owner's name is to be submitted.

4. Make a separate request for each horse.

5. There is a limit of 12 spaces per submission - spaces include each letter and character that makes up your horse's name as well as each blank space between names (if the name is more then one word). If neccesary, submit your horse's shorter barn name and not the registered name so that you do not exceed the 12 space limit and your request can be fulfilled.

6. Only ONE candle is to be lit for each horse. First check that the horse you are submitting a request for doesn't already have a candle burning by entering his/her name in the Search box below. Duplicate requests for the same horse cannot be honored.


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Your  candle will be lit within 72 hours of receipt of your request.  If your candle is not lit by the end of 72 hours, it is either because:

The horse you made a request for already has a candle burning.

You submitted a name longer then the limit of 12 spaces. If it does exceed 12 spaces, make a new request with a shorter version of your horse's name.

Once your horse's candle is lit, you will find it burning on Page 33 of the Candle Lighting site.

Please Light A Candle For My Horse

Candle Lighting Pages
Almost 4,000 horses currently have candles burning in their name.
The most recently lit candles are on the highest numbered page.
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